Wednesday, June 5, 2013

How To Use The Contest Entry Box To Generate Leads

 This is a tip on how to use a contest entry box to generate a lot of leads. If used properly, there will be a lot of new names of people in your local area who may be good prospects to follow up with. Of course you will want to call every single lead who drops their name into the box. But before you worry with the calls, let's get an idea of what we are looking for.
 First thing is to decide on a prize to be given away. The prize should be whatever attracts the type of person you are searching. If you are in a wellness MLM for example, free products would be great to give away. Now you have people who want to lose weight dropping their names in the box. If you are in a MLM that's not a wellness company, maybe a gift card would work? Or a nice valuable coin? That is a decision that should be made first.
 You then get your box, cut a hole or slit in the top to have the names dropped in. Building the box is important and depending on how many places will let you put one up, will determine how many you make. Put a place on the box, or by the box for the submission forms. You can use a pocket on the front of the box to display the registration forms, or possibly lay them to the side.
 The registration forms need to ask the right questions to get the info you need on a prospect. You will need a survey type form, with just a few questions on it. For example, in a wellness company you would ask " How much weight would you like to lose?" Or a place to put current weight, then desired weight. Ask how active they are, do they exercise, and this may help to see how many are couch potatoes. You must always include a place for name, number, email, address, and best time and way to be reached. Make sure you put a lot of thought into the survey slip, because that will be one of the most important parts of this.
 So now what do you do? You have all these names of people trying to win something and you need to turn them into customers or partners. I would suggest that you pick one to be the winner for sure. Never be dishonest in your business even if no one will find out. You can always try to get the winner into a steady customer or partner. But with the rest you need to give them a second place prize, and be sure they all get second or third place. Call them up and offer the prize of that position that wasn't mentioned on the box.
 For example: I would use a box that the winner will receive a free home business start up. This means I must pay their way in. Even if they don't stick around, I would still make my investment back on all the 2nd and 3rd place winners! I would call each prospect and say " Hey, you didn't win, however, you did get 2nd place to receive a free E-book on how to operate a home business." I would make sure that I had prior to this written an E-book on building a home business and have every link, and opportunity, go to my sites and businesses so they would build under me. If you do this, make sure you can create an E-book before you give it away! By finding the ones interested in knowing how to build a home business, that gives you great quality prospects to follow up with and work with. If they decide they don't want the E-book and care nothing about working from home, it saves time because they were not going to work out anyway.
 If you want to stick more to a customer feel, you could give samples to all the ones who would be willing to buy from you according to your registration slips. Samples can add up if you just hand them out to anyone, and can cost a lot of money for nothing much. Sampling needs to be a skilled technique before attempting it.
 So this I hope has sparked some of your own creative thinking and you can use this idea to build your own business. Of course you can use any prize, or 2nd place prize that you want. Use any questions you may want. But be sure you plan each step out before you just jump in! This technique will pull a lot of leads, and a lot of time. But the more often you do it, the better you get. To learn some more great ideas that you can make with your own style, watch the top 10 prospecting tips to help you with your lead generation  CLICK HERE