Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Does Rejection Bother You?

 I believe that most people in marketing sit on the sidelines for way too long because of one simple factor. They are afraid of rejection, or what a person may think. That is why most people fail. Of course lead generation is a huge factor in failure. If you can't generate new leads at a large rate, you will fail. But some will learn the lead generating secrets and never call a prospect because of fear.
 So that's where the saying "ideas without action are worthless" really plays a big role. If you are pulling in possible prospects you really have to call them and speak with them to get a result. If I relied only on signups and sales without calling, my numbers would be too low to survive on. Sure it happens, but it is a rare case and is not the way to make success in this industry.
 Do not be afraid of what a person may say or how they may react to you calling them. I have had people be rude, hang up, and of course politely tell me no. It isn't often that I get the ugly ones either. Most of the time people are generous and polite, even if they aren't interested.
 Occasionally people are looking for exactly that which I have. Those people turn into business partners and customers. I call so many people in a day that sometimes I find more than just one person in a day that is interested. But, I had to get rejected more often to find them. That is the key to this industry...numbers.
 A simple word of advice to anyone who is new to the business would be to never plan out a conversation. I was guilty of that mistake and quickly learned it doesn't ever go as planned. My first experiences were with a network who had us print scripts to read to our prospects, and it was very easy to get thrown off by unexpected responses. So I quickly gave up on scripts and just called people and talked to them as I would anyone. That got me much better results.
 You should learn a few "pitches" or "lines" before attempting to call people. These really help. Most cases you hear the same questions and responses from everyone, so once you master a few, you get better results. Never let the prospect have control over the conversation. Always answer a question with a question. When you answer with a question, it really helps bring you back to control. Of course you will have a few that you realize quickly they aren't what you're looking for so let them rant and let them go!
 The other key to calling prospects is to remember that you are only scouting them. Don't feel upset when it's a no. Some people you don't want anyway, so make sure you understand that you're looking for the right people instead of trying to get everyone to join. You want the right people, and if a person says no they have done a favor for you.
 You need to learn as much as possible on mastering recruiting and making prospect calls. Calling is a must in this industry. You won't get very far if you don't pick up the phone.
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