Monday, June 17, 2013

Beware Of Floaters

 The term "floaters" is what I use for that prospect that seems to never make up their mind. It seems they can't sink or swim. The problem with them is that they can be a drag on your business. Of course you want to get them involved with your business, but when is enough is enough? Can you keep calling them everyday? Sometimes an answer? Sometimes not? What do you do in this situation?
 I know that I don't want anymore people to keep up with than I already am. Each person is in a process, has a place on your schedule, so you need to have them in or out as fast as possible. If you keep "floaters" around too long, your schedule get's filled with many people who more than likely aren't going to make a decision.
 So don't be afraid to let them go. There comes a time when you need to let them go if they don't make a decision. I personally try only 3 times calling a prospect before I leave the message on their phone letting them know I made a decision for them. Best way to put it is "Hi Jaye, listen man I tried to reach you over the past few days, and I know things happen unplanned and emergencies pop up. But I'm going to just go ahead and take you off the list soon because I believe you have decided this isn't a fit for you. If somethings come up and this is why you haven't made our appointments then you can call me back when things get back to normal. I just wanted to let you know that I won't be calling you again, so if you decide you are still wanting to make this happen you need to call me."
 You may be surprised at how some of these "floaters" become paranoid and call you back. Of course they will claim they had an emergency ( that's the purpose of saying you understand emergencies come up, so they feel comfortable about using that as an excuse so you will still think good of them) but none the less you have gotten a response that you much needed. If they don't respond, then you now know they weren't joining you, and you saved yourself more time for better things.
 Floaters can bring you down and feel overwhelmed so it is very important that you move through them fast. Don't build up an entire days worth of dials on people who haven't been picking up the phone. You need time also to write blogs, film videos, generate leads, posting, and even outdoor prospecting.
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