Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Should You Work More Than One Opportunity At A Time?

 Some can do it, some can't handle the stress. It's working more than one networking opportunity at a time and trying to actually succeed at them all.
 When beginning in networking it is smart to work only one opportunity. You will find that just one will take all your time if you are to work it correctly. It's not until you get to a point where you are making some good money do you "add" another opportunity to your list. Preferably one that is not in the same industry as the one you first joined.
 We all know there are several wellness companies in the networking industry. You may find it hard to work more than one company that sells a shake right? You would have to decide which company to use for your new customer. So I would suggest that if you are wanting to add another opportunity that it be a different industry.
 Now there are ways to work more than one for sure. I have done many at once. But I have a system in place so the time I must put into each is low. For instance, I have one that is retail only on a third party website making me sales. Another I have a team member working my leads that I generate and doing the signups for me for a percentage of the recruits and customers. Works great since he gets a 100% match on my sales. Then there is my affiliate program I promote. It helps drive more people to my primary business that I spend most my time building. So I can build my primary business by promoting an affiliate program. Of course the affiliate tools I promote also is a project of it's own. Some of them are promoted on webinars, and some are as easy as telling anyone you meet. But, they all lead to checks in the mail and deposits in the bank.
 It has taken time to build a system like this. I find a place or way to use an opportunity before I join the company. I usually go looking for the opportunity once I see there is a place in my schedule I can use it, or it can be used to promote another opportunity.
 Don't just jump into something like I do if you are still new at the network world. However, there is an opportunity that would be great for anyone either new or looking to start. I blogged about it previously, and it is called Rippln. It is free to get involved and begin building your ripple as they call it. It grows fast without you having to put much time into it, and it would help generate you another source of income. To get involved you must be invited. To get the invite you need to email me at jaysonlinebiz@yahoo.com or like my Facebook page and message me there
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 As far as working two opportunities at the same time I would recommend that you have one firmly stable before considering adding another. If you have managed to build good relationships with trusted marketers who can help for a type of incentive than you may be in a position to consider. All the great networkers have done this and have built multiple streams of income for themselves. But if you aren't careful you will overload and collapse.
 If you are wanting to learn how to make yourself multiple streams of income or looking to make it in network marketing I can help you create it. It is an easy task for me, but it wasn't easy getting there. Visit my website and contact me and we can work together. There is a price if you are in a different company or are not connected to me in the same primary business. However it is affordable and you will learn much for the price. My website address is www.jayecardenmarketing.com and just contact me there or join me on my team. I'd love to work with you and watch you grow as a business person. Jaye Carden Marketing LLC