Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Using Classifieds As A Lead And Sales Generator

 We all see classifieds everywhere, but do we actually think about putting them into our own advertising budget? We should! In my network we have been studying classifieds as a way to find business and are getting amazing results. Listen to these results that have happened for our team:
 One lady had ran an ad in Craigslist and used the $25 a month promotion. It led to a little over 50 leads in under the first week. Also a man who did not pay to have it promoted, got 11 leads for himself in his first 4 days. Both of them are brand new to marketing and are very happy with the results! There are many other stories, but the point is that this can be another method that is free if you choose. You need as many methods in place as possible to get rolling.
 A few tips on this is that sales can be made no matter the price. You need to have an idea of what you will do when a lead is generated, or where you will be sending them. Craigslist is not the only free classified website on the internet, there are many more so try a search and locate as many as you have time for. The more classifieds you have on the web, the more the numbers will grow. As you may have been taught in marketing, it's just a numbers game. You just need to learn to make those numbers at a higher ratio. So don't go into this without a plan, know how to target your audience, and know where you will send the responders to. Being prepared will help the ratio.
 A recommendation to get a higher result of leads and sales would be to use Classified Submissions CLICK HERE

They will keep your classified sales at a much higher rate than you can alone. They post on half a million networked sites, 85 search engines, 250 web directories, 80 ffa sites, 50 message boards and forums and 550 classified ad sites. For you to do that much advertising would take a lifetime to post on each one once. They also will keep your post updated on craigslist. Now you don't have to remember to keep it updated so it doesn't go to the back. This is great because you can have a great classified campaign running while you spend time working on something else that needs improvement.
 With Classified Submissions, you can create a great profit with the right planning. Be sure you are prepared and make a classified ad to submit to them, and the leads and/or sales will begin to generate. It is extremely easy to use, and costs less than $40 a month to have this campaign in motion. You may want to have as many methods on auto pilot as you can afford to keep growing, taking one method and adding another when you have received the income from the last. So Classified Submissions is a great first campaign investment for your business.

Whichever you decide to do, either hiring Classified Submissions to do a huge campaign for you, or decide to do it yourself and invest as much time as possible, it all is a great step. Moving forward in some way will be the only way to get your business off the ground. If you want to learn more about lead generation in all possible methods, then go to MLSP CLICK HERE

I highly recommend this because of the extreme training it provides and the great advantages you will have. You can take a more in depth study into classifieds and much more. These referrals can also be found to the right of the blog page, both Classified Submissions and MLSP CLICK HERE

Work hard, submit to as many classifieds as you can, and put as much time and effort as possible and you will see success. Now go and start your plan, submit it, and grow.