Sunday, June 16, 2013

Ways To Sample Successfully

 If you are in a MLM company, and that company is in the wellness industry then you have been told that sampling people is the way to find more people for your business. So you have been handing out samples to everyone you meet, but you still aren't getting anyone to buy or join. So you probably are wondering now "What am I going to do?" or "I can't afford to keep giving this away with no results!"
Sound like the situation you have been in lately?
 Well there is a way and a strategy to improve your sampling results. You will not get everyone onboard with sampling, but that is the case in all advertising methods. So sampling isn't much different. So here are a few tips that I consider when I sample, and it seems to give me better results.
 One thing I do before I sample is I have a conversation with the individual I plan on sampling. I tell them about the opportunity with the company I am in, and the amounts of money a person can make if they take the product, before I let them try it. In my primary business we have energy drinks that are the best tasting energy drinks there are (in my personal opinion). But to others they may not be. So if they are an energy drinker I mention all the success stories including mine, so now that person has already made an opinion before they try it, and it's a positive opinion. Many will have their mind made up before they even taste it. If they are thinking that you are just looking for some money and hope they like it, they may tell you no, even if they really did like the taste. If they are excited about having a product they can make a fortune with, they will like it, even if they aren't sure about it! I've had people tell me many times..."well this isn't that bad, I think I can get use to it."
 See many people already know what they want you to think, and aren't honest with you or themselves. So the trick of getting the person excited about using the product to make money, they will learn to like it. I have much better results with that method than I do when I just simply hand them out to individuals I don't know. The ones I speak to are the ones who come back.
 Also when you are sampling, always keep in mind your target audience. For instance, I wouldn't give an energy drink to a elderly lady, instead I would let her try the liquid vitamin formula. It will help her feel much better and would be more needed by her. I would sample the overweight people with weight loss products, the young with the energy drink and our successful young people revolution opportunity. So keep in mind what type of person you are dealing with and always consider what their need is, so you can have much better results.
 Also you need to know the details of your product inside and out. People ask prepared!
 When you are sampling, you need to have a professional look to you. You need to look like a person who has success with the products. People will notice and take consideration to your appearance. If you look successful and excited about what you have, people will want it. Don't ever say any negative remarks about your product, even if it's something you were told by another customer. Never say "sometimes it can cause a slight headache if you take too much..." any remark such as that can turn someone off, even if you have good intentions.
 So remember to find your target audience, and don't just throw it out to just anyone. Take time with each person, because people buy from the people they like and trust.
 Now go and start getting some better results. If you are getting a new customer or partner with every 5 samples or less, then you have mastered the sample strategy. It can be the most simple method every time you leave the house!
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