Monday, October 6, 2014

Tips For Email Marketing: 5 Basic Tips That Work

 Are you wanting to get better results from your email marketing? Would you like to get more open rates, clicks, and conversions? If so, then these 5 basic tips for email marketing can help you get those ratios up much faster.

The 5 basic tips for email marketing will help you in your email marketing campaigns. The 5 basic tips are as follows:

1. Use Creative Subject Line:
Using a creative subject line when you send your emails out to your list. Remember that the money is in the list, but by using subject lines that are all sale and no value, the list will unsubscribe quickly. Be sure to use the 80/20 rule, which is 80% value, and 20% sales. This is the first step to increasing the open rates.

2. Keep It Short and Sweet:
No one has the time to read extremly long emails. They are needing to move on quickly. By keeping it short and to the point you will see more people actually reading your emails. This also helps to increase clicks, and prevent unsubscribers.

3. Put A Link Up Top:
Remember the tips for email marketing that suggests you keep emails short? Even then many may not completely read the email. So it is wise to describe the purpose of the email in one or two sentences and have a link near the top for those who just want to click. Placing the only link low, may prevent many from ever seeing it in time. It's okay to put more links throughout the body, just remember the further down the email, the less people are seeing it.

4. Don't Over Send
Sending to many emails will cause a higher unsubscriber rate. This tip for email marketing is to email about once a day, and 2 to 4 times tops on any special day with an event. But be sure to not email more than once a day most days, or people may get tired of your emails.

5. Don't Under Send
Just like the tips for email marketing on over sending, under sending can be just as bad. People forget who they subscribe to quickly. So if you under send you may see a high unsubscribing rate when you finally send the email. They either don't remember you, or feel you are not giving out enough value to continue with you.

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