Monday, October 13, 2014

Network Marketing Prospecting: Their First Impression

When you are network marketing prospecting, are you considering one of the most important factors of network marketing prospecting? That is, are you considering your first impression you make on a prospect? Learn why it is more important than ever, to make a great first impression while you are network marketing prospecting.

Why worry with a first impression?

Because the truth is, most people will have made their minds up about you within the first few seconds of meeting you. It is important that you have them make thier minds up in your favor, by giving a first impression.

I explain several tips on network marketing prospecting on my official website, and the latest tip for network marketing prospecting is on a person's first impression. I also explained some examples of how you can better your results when network marketing prospecting with first impressions.

Think of all the times your network marketing prospect told you they would come to a presentation and never showed up when you called? This is an example of how first impressions will have authority over the outcome of your network marketing prospecting.

Some of the keys I focus on at my webiste is the "Dress For Success" motto. This is what you need to do when talking with other professionals who dress for their profession. If a person doesn't wear nice clothes, perhaps you shouldn't go in a suit and tie, because you appear to be "not compatable" with them, perhaps too sales like.

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