Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Targeted Marketing

Targeted Marketing  is where you will define who is the right person or group of people that will be interested or need the product or service your business offers. So to better understand targeted marketing I want to use a few examples below to help you find who your targeted audience is.

If you are in a business in the lawn service market, you would look for people who have a yard, and target those who are more than likely too busy to cut their own grass. Since so many people that fit this target market live in certain subdivisions, it's not so hard to find the right people. One area or subdivision could produce a large amount of clients. But, it is competitive, so you need to make more noise than your competition. Which means basically getting your offer in front of more people, and have a reason they need yours more. Usually this is done by having a better product or service than your competition. 
Finding and targeting the right market is key to achieving massive results. All of your ideas should be directed towards who your targeted market is. One good example, is Pinterest. Pinterest is a social website that has people pin boards as images. It showed in a recent poll that mostly women are using Pinterest consistently. So the idea of Pinterest would be targeting females with the pins you would post on there. Find the benefits that women would have for your product/service, and pin it on Pinterest.

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Those are a few things that need to be answered in order to find your target market. The same rules apply in any business whether it be a home business or a brick and mortar business. So many business owners do not consider targeted marketing in their advertising budget, and it leads to low results. Don't let this happen to you.
Find the right people, you make sales. Advertise to the wrong people, get frustrated.
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