Saturday, February 8, 2014

Chris Carley: How To Be Successful In MLM

 If you are searching for how to be successful in MLM, then I want to share with you a way to follow one of the greatest MLM mentors of all time. Learning how to be successful in MLM usually starts with a great mentor. The kind of mentor I am about to introduce you to.

 Her name is Chris Carley. MLM legend and mentor. Below are some posts of her most recent Facebook posts, where she shares advice, and skills on how to be successful in MLM. I highly recommend you friend her on Facebook, and follow closely to what she teaches. 


written by: Chris Carley

"Had over 27 questions to the message about how I made millions after getting fired from Boeing. Unsurprisingly the most common question was:
Q: Do you see a pattern in people that 'make it' and people that don't?
A: YES. ALWAYS. Especially with friends and family.  THEY DON'T READ THE BOOKS. Like working out, you have to do it every day or you get out of shape FAST. People go to Tony Robbins's type training and their companies events and get all excited but when they get home they lose that because they weren't taught to turn within. You were born with an incredible system that knows how to breath, blink, heal a cut on your finger without you having to tell it what to do so listen to that still small voice within. You get a stomach ache when you talk to someone listen to it!!!! You get goose bumps reading something LISTEN TO MORE OF THAT. I don't care who you are or what business you are in, we are in sales. Your best asset is you, in family matters, work and relationships so be aware of what you are thinking, blogging about, emailing about, forwarding emails....delete the negative, pass forward the positive. I have helped thousands double and triple their incomes that aren't even in the business I am in, but I only worked with them when they ak6,000 that next month is: THINK AND GROW RICH. Napoleon Hill. Not just rich in money, but SPIRIT. Don't try and give me any excuse because I was the queen and I can take it away from you. No time to read? Set the book by your toilet. Whatever you are selling copy the big boys. Microsoft, Dell, At&T. Advertise a low-end product that EVERYONE can afford that works, then.....what do"


"Every day I'm asked from friends, family, the 68 year old grocery clerk I see week, the guys working their asses off in the hot sun in front of my mansion, HOW I went from a $10 an hour Boeing, Fired factory clerk (working midnight to 7 a..m.) to earning over a million dollars in one year to over $20 million to date (THIS IS NOT JUST ABOUT MONEY. IT IS ABOUT HAVING INCREDIBLE HEALTH, FRIENDS AND GREAT FAMILY RELATIONSHIPS) and every time I tell them the same answer: I got on my knees and prayed and asked God to show me HOW. I read the books successful people read and I didn't let not being able to afford them stop me. I went to my library in Federal Way, WA.*
YOU are the only one that can limit your capacity to receive. The problem is never NOT with the supply. If you think you have reached your limits because of your boss, or circumstance, health, spouse, you have to change your thoughts because there are thousands around you in worse circumstances but have enlarged their vision.
Today, I and dozens of my very successful group are reading: WHEN you change your thinking, you enlarge your capacity to receive. Some people go around with a small cup...They're not expecting much; (so they don't get much) others have buckets. They can pay their bills on time and have a little left over. They've done okay. Yet there is another group that is very unusual (but you can be in that group!) "They believe they and their children can be mighty in the Land" They don't have a cup. They don't have a bucket. They don't have a barrel. they have a barn, a whole warehouse. *Adapted by Joel Osteen's book: Break Out! 5 keys to go beyond your barriers and live an extraordinary life. (parenthesis mine and no I don't make a dime promoting this book :))"


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 These are posts that Chris Carley made on her Facebook page and after posting them she received tons of friend requests. She has made a powerful pact on this industry, and if you want to know how to be successful in MLM you are basically being given a blueprint.