Friday, April 4, 2014

Starting An MLM: Gaining Credibility

 Starting an MLM can be tough, especially for those who try to work their warm market. You mostly hear the comments such as "I'll wait to see if it works for you first" and this of course leaves you wondering how can you gain credibility.


 That's exactly what this post is for. To help you gain credibility in starting an MLM.

 I will share with you what it is I have done to break down this wall that seems to stop so many entrepreneurs early in the game.

 I gained my credibility by contacting cold market, or those who do not know me. When you learn to develop leads, the prospect has no idea, that you have never sponsored anyone yet.

 This helps eliminate any prejudice thoughts that your warm market may have against you. I was able to recruit several people from all over the world, and this caused my warm market to basically beg me to join.

 If you need to find new ways to develop leads, so you can begin doing the same and breaking down the wall, click the link below and you can learn more on how to develop leads, and more on how to recruit.

 Focusing on cold market while starting an MLM is what I teach my team members as well. It has helped most of them get an earlier result. However, you must be willing to step out of your comfort zone to make this work. You will need to make a lot of phone calls to strangers.

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