Monday, April 7, 2014

Social Network Marketing: How To Increase Engagement

 Are you making this crucial mistake that most network marketers are? Would you like to have more followers, shares, likes, comments, re-tweets, and more? Follow these simple social network marketing tips and you will see more engagement.


 First thing in social network marketing to get right is your type of posting. There are 2 types of posts when using social network marketing and they are as follows:

1. Active Posting
2. Passive Posting

 Passive posting is the mistake so many network marketers make. This is where you simply post your business opportunity or offer on the news feed. It sometimes looks like hype, and causes resistance among your readers. DO NOT be posting your business opportunity like it's the greatest thing ever and people should automatically join.

 Active posting is where instead of causing resistance you create curiosity. You do not mention your offer, but instead leave information out on purpose to get people to wonder, and click more. This is how you get more people to your offer.


 passive: "We are exploding in our company, and now is the time to make millions with the greatest product on Earth. Message me for details."

 active: "Why would someone want to do something like this?"


 Also to gain more of a following and build your audience you need to be more engaging yourself. Be sure to comment, share, re-tweet, and like other people's posts and you will begin seeing more people engaging in yours.

 Be sure to ask questions in your posts. Questions have a call to action in their own way. This can help get more comments as well.

 Always give the readers what they want to know. DO NOT post what it is you want out of the readers.

 Hope these tips have helped, and be sure to learn more at my official website

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